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Local School Program

Local School Program


Local school program brings computational thinking and coding skills to the youth in less resourceful schools where students are at the risk of being left behind in the STEM race.


We are developing an accelerated Information & Computer Technology (ICT) curriculum unique in teaching Form 2 & 3 students to write practical mobile apps essentially by themselves.


In partnership with MIT, we have improved the popular tool, App Inventor, to make it accessible to these technologically inexperienced youth.


At the same time, we have a distinctive mentoring scheme  to promote psychosocial 

development and community involvement. We gather resourceful adults in the community to support these youth in creating useful apps not only to solve their own problems but also to benefit the larger community.

To help students develop computational thinking and psycho-social skills through coding education and mentoring.  
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School-based ICT curriculum

  • Utilise the Design Thinking approach

  • Focus on problem solving

  • Supplement and strengthen schools’ STEM curricula

Integrated mentoring scheme
  • Gather resourceful mentors
  • Support the youth in creating apps to serve community
  • Life impacts life 

Learning Platform

  • User friendly and helpful for beginners

  • Based on MIT App Inventor & jointly developed with the MIT App Inventor team (affiliated with the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)


Code to Care for SEN Youth

From Isolation to Inclusion, Hidden to Radiant


The program is specially designed for students in the Schools for Social Development with courses covering coding, design, media and holistic development. For details.

School-based Train-The-Trainers Model 

The local school program is adopted by all F.2 (Year 1) and F.3 (Year 2) students.


We facilitate ICT teacher(s) to teach the coding curriculum

& software, and counselling teachers to coordinate and implement with mentoring scheme.


  • F.2 students

  • F.3 students

  • Or students age 12 or above

Program Period   

  • One year (F.2)

  • Two years (F.2-3)

Coding Class

  • Teacher facilitation workshop: help teachers to master the core content 

  • Teaching materials sharing: Teachers can access to our ICT curriculum, software, and all teaching materials. 

Mentoring Scheme 

  • Teacher facilitation workshop: help teachers to master the core content & team building 

  • Continuous support :  we will continuously help organise the mentoring program at your school.

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